Kdn data centre

The Liquid Telecom Group today announced the launch of a new company within the group:  East Africa Data Centre Ltd. The data-centre formerly under the Altech KDN group in East Africa will now be an independent entity to attract more clients looking for data-centre services.

According to the company, this carrier-neutral data centre in Nairobi is the largest in East Africa offering secure and reliable space for dedicated hosting, interconnect services, colocation, disaster recovery, network-based services, applications and cloud services to carriers, network providers and enterprises from across the continent.

Customers already present in the building including banks, mobile network operators, ISPs and cloud solutions providers.

East Africa Data Centre is an independent company within The Liquid Telecom Group with a separate management team from its sister companies which include Liquid Telecom Kenya.

The biggest challenges for new-build data centres in Africa have always been the same – connectivity, security and power supply. East Africa Data Centre has been built according to international data centre standards and offers the following:

  • Connectivity – The data centre is carrier-neutral with connectivity to the backbone and metro fibre offered by a number of carriers including nearly all local Kenyan carriers and international carriers such as Tata, Level3 and Seacom.  Organisations using the data centre can choose any of the providers that are present in the premises.
  • Service availability and redundancy – The data centre is the only one of its kind in East and Central Africa and is designed to meet International Data Centre Standards TIA-942 with 99.982% guaranteed availability.
  • Security – A sophisticated security and access control system is in place including full-time CCTV surveillance, biometrics, metal detectors, card readers, turnstiles at various access points and staff onsite 24/7/365.
  • Power Supply and cooling – East Africa Data Centre guarantees to supply contracted AC/DC power for at least 99.982% in each calendar month. Its mains feed of 11KV is backed up by two diesel generators.  An N+1 cooling system is operated at the data centre.
  • Comprehensive On-Site Support – Support for customers is available 24x7x365.
  • Flexibility – A customer can take however much capacity it needs from part of a cabinet to cages, rooms and whole pods.  Connections between customers’ own racks can be installed by the customer with no additional cost.
  • Size – The data centre currently occupies four floors with 500 square metres of useable whitespace and 160 racks per floor making it the largest data centre in East Africa.

Dan Kwach, General Manager at East Africa Data Centre, said

Quality data centres are an important element in the creation of an independent African telecoms infrastructure. Our significant investment in this data centre has been driven by demand from across Africa. By keeping African data in Africa we continue to help build Africa’s digital future”.

Organisations interested in the services provided by the East Africa Data Centre should visit www.eastafricadatacentre.com or contact Maggie Maina mobile +254 738 330 600[email protected]

Liquid Telecoms recently acquired 80% stake in Altech’s Kenya Data Network (KDN) after the the exit of the South African group which previously held the stake. Liquid Telecoms which operates in 13 African countries in Africa, has more than 15,00 Kilometres of fibre network in the region. Some of the countries where the group operates includes Botswana, DRC, Lesotho, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.