In a rather surprisingly stupid move, a journalist with Citizen TV, Willis Raburu, went on Twitter and revealed the ID of the witness 536 who was testifying against some high profile Kenyans charged at the International Criminal Court. Willis Raburu revealed that witness 536 is Grace Nyakeru Githutha.

Witness 536

Though he later deleted the tweet and pretended to be tweeting only inspirational quotes, his action revealed the almost immature nature of most Kenyan journalist. They’d rather please powers that be and hope for handouts while completely putting aside the principles which guide journalists.

Revealing the ID of witnesses exposes the witnesses to great danger since those who they testify against are powerful (one is Deputy President) and have almost fanatical support in their ethnic support bases.

  • Rob Pecolic Collin

    kudos willis, in any case we need to know!

  • stephen oyier

    That is unfair

  • That was cheap and unprofessional.if the ICC did all to protect the witness,why then put her life in danger and yet she is testifying against prominent people.shame,shame shame on you

  • MKM

    What a douchebag, he should be prosecuted.

    You should also redact the name!

  • Media Council should do something

  • George Obienge

    Shameless and reckless act of journalism!

  • how unfortunate that was!!
    the need to ban all kenya journals from covering the icc case.

  • He should b fired n action taken aganest him

  • That was stupidity of the highest order,by now he should hv been fired

  • I hate u for this man!

  • kennethkoome


  • Me and You

    if you allege that willis raburu posted the tweet at 7pm, how come came up with this revelation b4 his tweet.. or you are a mind reader?

  • Sharon

    Ths z xo bad, n heartless, its puting ths ladies lyf in danger bt lets hpe as kenyans tht both her family n her shall b coverd by tha witnes protectn board…shallom

  • He may lose his job but the identified witness will bear the brunt…

  • erick g

    Thats why he scored a ‘D’ in history subject