When Abdi Guyo came out claiming to be the absentee father of BBA The Chase winner Dillish, few on social media believed him. IN fact many claimed that he must be one of those gold diggers. Only that this time he is not from an ethnic group which always displays the opportunistic tendencies.

Dillish herself mocked him on Twitter calling him “weird dude” in a tweet retweeted many times. She also went ahead and retweeted tweets from her followers who were mocking Abdi Guyo for coming out to claim her.

Why is this weird dude claiming to be my dad! My dad is Somali! Where did he fall from haaaaaaai -_-

— Dillish Pearl Monroe (@Dillish_lishy) September 3, 2013


But to prove a point, Standard Group went ahead and organised a Google+ hangout between Abdi Guyo and Dillish’s mum Selma Pashukeni where the mother confirmed that Abdi Guyo was indeed the guy who sired Dillish. Abdi was a UN peacekeeping soldier (randy as they always are) in Namibia in 1989.

Dillish’s uncle who also participated in the hangout reminded Abdi to visit Namibia but with loads of money since it is him (the uncle) who has raised Dillish. The family then invited Abdi to Namibia for Dillish’s 23rd birthday which will happening on the 16th of September.

Dillish later tweeted