Netizens have ganged up to appreciate a Palestinian researcher who hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page/wall to prove the existence of a bug on the social network. Internet users raised more than $12,000 (Ksh 1.02 million) to reward the security researcher.

Through the GoFundMe raised $12,068 from 250 people in two days for Khalil Shreateh, users continued making donations to appreciate Khalil because Facebook denied him the $500 reward given to bug reporters because of the manner in which he reported the flaw.

He reported the flaw by hacking the Facebook pages of the officials of the social network including Zuckerberg when they refused to take heed of his ealier reports.

Khalil found a way for a Facebook user to circumvent security and modify another’s timeline, even if they were not friends on the network.