Eda, Mirfat and Their Defenders Must Not Claim “Cyber Bullying” As Defence

Mirfat Tujuane

So you by now know the story of Eda Atieno and her appearance on Tujuane. She was on TV on an arranged date where she met this humble young and innocent man. The man was out for genuine love while Eda confessed that she was just out for fun and “it was all acting anyway.”

Listen to her speaking below;

Her attitude during the whole date was of arrogance and unwarranted tackiness. She displayed lots of disdain to the young man and I wondered why the acquaintance lasted so long. It would not have lasted for more than 30 seconds with me. The man was innocent and vulnerable and Eda used the opportunity to kill the spirit and ego of the young man. She showed him that he is just not a real man. He is some longlilo to Eda. She should not be dated by any worthy lady according to Eda.

Eda on Tujuane

I watched the whole episode and cried out for the young vulnerable man who the society doesn’t seem to care much about. If the man would have been arrogant and insulting to the young Eda, he would now be a dead man. He would not have even returned to his parent’s home and found love. He would have been physically harmed. She is just being taunted on social media because she is just a lady. For a man to do what she did, it would mean death. Ooooh you don’t go on belittling ladies like that.

Mirfat on Tujuane;

The same attitude displayed by Eda was displayed by one Mirfat in the same show some time back. The internet replied her back and the usual apologisers came out claiming that Mirfat was being cyber bullied. She was being trolled according to the usual suspects like Julie Gichuru. She did nothing wrong. The man should have been mature enough to stand up and not allow himself to be embarrassed. That was one pathetic argument from the usual skirt wearers with not much grey matter then can boast of upstairs.

First things first and let me be absolutely clear. I have more sisters than you can think of. They are 20 (yes 20 sisters I share with blood). The ones I share with one father. My own mother gave me 6 sisters. I love them to death. I will take a panga cut for them any day(bullet leaves you with not much pain, in most cases). They are my mothers and fathers. I will never allow anyone to do anything bad to them. They supported me even when I didn’t have much love. They know me better. They are my pillars.

But I won’t excuse arrogance defended just because the perpetrator is wearing a skirt. People use excuse of being cyber bullied to hide their weaknesses while when given a chance, they bully others on TV and radio. You don’t go disparaging a person on national TV then when you are confronted with the truth then you bring out this excuse of “OOoh I am just an innocent woman being cyber bullied.” Don’t bring the skirt and some imagined immaturity as your defence.

Claiming that you are being “cyber bullied” is the new cool. You need to do the most stupid thing and when people react (internet is the easiest media), your defence to escape responsibility will be, “they are just cyber bullying me like they have even cyber bullied Ondeto and Jesus Christ.” Please!! Give me a FUCKING BREAK!!! You don’t go out henyo your tie orwaru in Gikomba market an dexpect people to clap for you. People will tell you the MOST PAINFUL TRUTH. Socialites need to style up and mature so as to handle the filth they try to create around. You don’t go about insulting all and sundry then you want to dictate how they should repond to you. We will tell you the truth whether you call it cyber meandering, bullying, laughing, preaching or whatever. #KOT have every right to tell you off when you misbehave. I have been told off many times. I have a thick skin and will live with it.

You are an over 18 man or woman. You know what people will do when you go on belittling a very defenceless man on TV or radio. He is trying to play gentleman while you are playing rogue, uncouth and uncivilised because your skirt will be your defence. I need a better defence than these cheap “cyber bully” nonsense. Give me reason to respect you. Anybody can wear a skirt. What matter is the grey matter and how you use it.

She played dirty to the guy and so she will not be handled with kid gloves. Iwe funzo kwa wengine. If you want not to be told the HARSHEST TRUTH, stick to your rat hole

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Written by Robert

Robert Alai is a respected Kenyan blogger, technical evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle or Facebook page. he is the founder of KahawaTungu.


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