Women in Tech

Female techies from Africa, Europe and the Middle East who are interested in attending tech events/conferences can apply for a grant sponsored by Google.

The Google Women in Tech Conference and Travel Grants for female computer scientists is part of the search giant’s program to encourage women to pursue tech.

Google will reimburse the attendees up to €1000 spent on travel and accommodation while attending the tech event.

Applicants must be a female working in or studying computer science, computer engineering or a technical field related to the conference subject, have a strong academic background with demonstrated leadership ability and attend the core day(s) of the main conference.

Eligible conferences include JSConf (deadline Aug. 18), Grace Hopper (deadline Aug. 22), EuroBSDCon(deadline Aug. 23), Flossie (deadline Oct. 4) and Velocity (deadline Oct. 6).

Submit your application form here or click here for more information. For enquiries please email  [email protected]