Safaricom Modem

Safaricom has today launched an initiative meant to attract more users into the internet. The Vuma Online campaign will see Matatus in selected routes offer free internet. The initiative was launched this morning by Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, in Buru Buru. All Matatus offering free Wi-Fi connection will have a Vuma Online sticker.

Already over 20 Matatus plying the Rongai, Kayole and Buru Buru routes have the service up and running. This is not Safaricom’s own thought but is a copy paste from an idea of the young Matatu Owner featured in the Citizen story below.


Safaricom is not offering the service for free as it will eventually start charging each of the Matatus with the service Ksh 1,500 per month. It is not clear if the Unlimited internet bandwidth offering has been throttled as Safaricom is smart enough to give unlimited speeds. Many of the Kenyan young internet users will just board the Matatus to torrent if the speeds will be unlimited.

But the initiative is commendable

Safaricom currently commands close to 75% of data connections in the country. But the users of Safaricom or other mobile providers’ internet connection are not heavy users. Most of the heavy internet users still rely on fixed connections.