SHAME: Chilling Letter Over Sexual Exploitation of Kids at The Good Testimony Academy in Embakasi

We have received this letter from a Facebook friend.

Hi Guys

I trust this finds you well.

I am writing this with a sad and very heavy heart.  Over the weekend I met with a three year old girl who had been molested at school by one of her female teachers. The child attends The Good Testimony Academy in Simba Village, Embakasi . Late last week the child came home from school walking in an unusual manner. Upon further inquiries,  it was established that the child’s female teacher, who goes by the name Teacher Franscisca had allegedly inserted something into her private parts.

The child’s mother quickly rushed to school to establish what had happened and sadly the school administration was not co-operative and was in fact taking sides with the teacher.  The matter was reported the the police and the child was taken to the Women’s hospital where she was put on ARVs.  The mother also reported the matter to CRADLE.  The School teacher was later on released on cash bail.

It would seem that this may not be the first incidence of molestation in the school and it is really sad as my concern right now is the fact that the school head is taking sides.  secondly, it is possible that other children may have been molested and the parents have simply gone silent due to stigma and the fact that the school is not willing to give them a hearing.

Please let us stop this ungodly acts children are innocent and need our protection and if the one place where most parents feel their children are most safe is the same place where they are being subjected these acts which can only be described as beast like then I think our society is rotting away…….regards.

(Concerned Parent)


Written by Robert

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