A Facebook friend just shared this on his wall. I believe that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto should come out and help these Kenyans. Read below

We as kenyans in Jawazat (police cell) in Saudi Arabia are hounarably asking if there still an exist a Kenyan embassy in Saudi Arabia. This is because before we were in prison (Al’Malaz maximum prison) for 4months and we were brought here in Jawazat(cell) whereby we were told we will be deported after 21days. 
This was a lie because we’ve stayed here for one and a half month yet others have stayed for more than 3months time n nothing has been done. We always inform Mr ali (+966547794491)­ who works at the Kenyan embassy in Saudi but he is rude to us. 
No hospitality,foo­d,water,yet people are dying,we are youths who have kids to look after and develop our country why arent we deported? Tukienda ofisini kuuliza tunaletewa askari wanaume kutupiga.je huu ni ungwana.

Someone should come out and help these Kenyans in Saudi Arabia jails.