The Names of the Suspects and More About Mombasa Dog P0rn Saga

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Some Facebook friends are reporting that the Mzungu PIMP arrested with the women is a UNDP employee. I think they are getting that from the registration of the vehicle recovered from the building. The vehicle with registration 40UN221K is of the UNDP line. 

But some users are also revealing how bestiality is common at the COAST. Read this post on Facebook Group, County 411, by Cally Wanjala

I’m dead surprised at similar surprise exhibited about news that a Mzungu paid ladies to have sex with his dog.This is an old behaviour which has been reported is florishing in coast n is no scret or news.That is decayed behaviour of some women.To me women engaging in having multiple sex partners for payment r most likely to agree on this been to the most rotten sex trading centre in coast-FLORIDA Club n CASABLANCA in particular club CASURINA in this clubs women r xposed to more serious things than dog ‘bite’.Gals r enticed with money to walk naked n smoke ciggarates using sehemu nyeti.l also saw a couple of dogs ready for service with pipos dotas.Pretence will not help.Sex price in those places is so prohibitive that Africans r reduced to spectators.A shot in Florida is 10k but strictly inside the club.To get out u need 30k.Casablanca is half but club casurina is the highest bidder.The dog ‘bite’ is a normal event at night.l attempted to take fotos but l found myself surrounded by bodyguards who made sure l left with no fotosThere is more rot than meets the eye at the coast.

The names of the ladies arrested acting with the dog are,

  1. Christopher Clement Weisssenrieder, 
  2. Janet Akoth Omollo, 
  3. Mercy Waithera Karanja, 
  4. Mary Nyambura Kimani, 
  5. Magdaline Wairimu Chege, 
  6. Celestine Nekesa Sitati 
  7. Dorcus Melishah Indakwa
  8. Lydia Nyaboke Momanyi, 
  9. Philidelia Mawia Solomon, 
  10. Anne Wanjiku Gichuki 
  11. Celilia Nzambi Katuku.

Check this NTV story also. 

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