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This Kameme FM (owned by President Uhuru) Presenter Hates Luos with a Passion and Doesn’t Hide it

The cases of ethnic hatred online are getting ugly now with even very influential media personalities using the social media platforms to spew all manner of insults on people from different ethnic groups.

Muthee Kiengei Watoria is a popular Kameme FM station presenter. The station is owned by President Uhuru Kenyatta under the Mediamax group. So it was surprising recently when he made a very bigoted comment on Facebook on a post. Most of the readers including some who are Kikuyus like him did not like it that instead of debating on what was posted, Kiengei thought it best that he should tell all Luos to go get circumcised.

You wonder if Kiengei always engage Luo men in blow-jobs that the only thing he can think of when he sees a Luo man is to imagine how his genitals must be looking like.

His comment on the post read;

Kiengei is a national radio presenter. He should be giving a great example to others considering the fact that he is also an employee of the President. It is sad that the President never see it good to tell people from his Kikuyu support base to stop spewing insults at other communities. Uhuru Kenyatta must take responsibility on this.

A lady who is a Kikuyu apparently engaged the Presenter. The conversation sent to a friend by a friend to the lady is below

You notice that Muthee uses the name “Jubilee” also in Facebook. We have blacked out the details of the lady who engaged the guy so that tribal opportunists doesn’t victimise her for outing this bigot.


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