Uhuru Kenyatta Will Not Protect Media Freedom, He Will Muzzle it

Uhuru Kenyatta vowed yesterday that he will protect media freedom. We doubt that he will. Uhuru Kenyatta is known to be high tempered and rarely stomach criticism from the media. Uhuru Kenyatta has sued the media and taken some to the media council for just making casual comments about him

Again photo journalist, Boniface Mwangi, was assaulted right in front of Uhuru Kenyatta by a private army of thugs hired by COTU secretary General, Francis Atwoli. You wonder how Uhuru can convince Kenyans that he will protect media freedom when he didn’t stand and stop the assault of a journalist by a gang.

Is the police not pursuing criminal gangs? Did they not see Boniface Mwangi being assaulted? Wasn’t the IGP David Kimaiyo present at the same function? Please convince me that you are serious Mr President.


Written by Robert

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