These Facebook Users Criticises President Uhuru Kenyatta’s "Cheap PR Stunts" with #DanielOwira

A Facebook user is not so amused with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s “PR stunts”. President Uhuru was in Mombasa to watch the performance of the finalists in the Kenya Drama Festival. He was so impressed with the performance of one artist, Daniel Owira of Otonglo Time fame, that he invited the poor young man for a tour of the State House.

The President also promised to adopt the young talented kid as his own and so pay his fees to University. The sad bit is that the student will still continue studying at Highway Secondary School. You wonder if Uhuru’s kids would study at Highway Secondary School. By associating with the President, their are opportunists who would love to hurt Daniel Owira.

But one Facebook user, Brenda Asiko, thought that she should give the President her piece of mind in this post.

There are hundreds of thousands of bright, well-deserving kids across the country who struggle and cant pay their school fees. Lord knows I’ve sponsored my fair share of them. So no, a cheap publicity stunt by your PR team won’t make me start swooning over. (As usual, the fickle ones have make that pic of Ouru and Otonglo boy viral, lauding one little move). 
Fix the Education sector, make education affordable to all, pay teachers better, build more schools, stop turning every technical institute and college into a university – they were meant to be a cheaper option for well deserving students, make bursaries and scholarships work for the masses, NOT for specific tribes, especially the latter(scholarships), just fix the whole goddamn system! Lots more needs to be done, not just sponsoring one kid. Frankly Olive Mugenda should have been given that docket, if her transformation at KU is anything to go by!

She was supported by Wayua Muli who is an editor at Nation Media Group in this post.

Dear Uhuru, I know two orphans who may not be able to go to school this coming term because their families have no funds and their sponsors have ran dry. How about you build just ONE school on just ONE acre of land that you could donate, and pay for staff and equipment using some of that laptop money? Then you’ll have really made a difference that I can consider more than just a cheap publicity stunt. 

Do you think that the President’s actions were all PR stunts


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