Safaricom has launched a very well thought out means to con Kenyans off their Bonga Points. Bonga Points are Safaricom loyalty rewards to users for every Ksh10 spent on the network. So Safaricom say that you can buy a one way ticket to selected local destinations by just redeeming 28,000 Bonga Points. The service provider goes further to claim that with 40,000 Boga Points you can purchase a domestic return ticket in Kenya Airways.

Let me explain to you the scheme. For you to accumulate 28,000, you would have spent around 280,000 on Safaricom network. How long will that one take you? Nobody knows but imagine spending Ksh 10,000 on Safaricom calls per month. It will take you 28 months to accumulate 28,000 points. Who is this thing targeted at? Must be the very RICH and so they will most probably but an airline ticket without looking at their Bonga Points accumulation.

Safaricom currently value Bonga Points at below Ksh 0.50. That makes a one way ticket worth around Ksh 14,000 and a return ticket worth around Ksh 20,000. The two companies don’t value their employees leave alone their clients and so the money will just not change lives.

Safaricom has been conning users in the Bonga Points redemption. The network provider always has a problem in availing handsets which can be redeemed through Bonga Points in their stores. They have also introduced a scheme where they force users to fork-out cash even when they have enough Bonga Points to redeem phones.

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