I have received credible information from a friend who is a senior member of Safaricom management. The friend has whispered to me that Safaricom are so determined to finish the controversial blogger, Robert Alai, in any way they can.

The person behind all the machinations is one senior director at the giant telco. He is now the person doing all the dirty work for Safaricom including bribing journalists and leading social media personalities to kill stories portraying Safaricom negatively. My source informs me that the lawsuit which is said to have been filed by Safaricom against Robert Alai is just a decoy.

The law suit is also meant to ensure that Robert Alai runs out of money to fight his many legal battles from people in government and big corporate bullies determined to control the internet. Immediately after Safaricom published the court sermon to Robert Alai, they started a social media campaign to support BAKE (an association of bloggers who have no influence online but can be easily bought and influenced with freebies like IDEOS phones).

The real action will either be anĀ assassinationĀ or arranged accident sponsored and authorised by Safaricom CEO and top directors.

Safaricom has already contracted a former army officer who doubles up as Safaricom security manager. The officer is to arrange what he can to make sure that Robert Alai is silenced once and for all.

It is sad that Safaricom claim to be a modern company but they have failed to realise how net should be governed.

Safaricom has recently sued blogger Robert Alai for highlighting the suffering of their employees in call centres. Many Safaricom employees have complained of intimidation and abuse at their place of employment. Safaricom being a huge spender in advertisement means that the mainstream media will certainly NEVER highlight anything negative about Safaricom.