Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer, scroll down and choose your country.

REMEMBER: Sign out if you are currently logged into an iTunes account.

Step 2: At the right sidebar you will find a section called “Top Free Apps” right click on any free App from these Apps and try to download it.

Step 3: Now iTunes will inform you by a message to write your login information then tap on “Create Apple ID”.

Step 4: iTunes will inform you by the welcome note then tap on Continue.

Step 5: Now You have to Agree the the terms and conditions on iTunes.

Step 6: fill out your personal information, and Keep in mind that your password should at least contain 8 characters including a number and an uppercase letter and lowercase letter.

Step 7: After filling out your information click the “Continue” button and select“None” for payment method and continue filling your information.

Step 8: Enjoy your Apple ID, That’s it.