General Electric Company and Safaricom have signed a KES 100 million deal that will see GE supplying Safaricom with 48 GE Durathon batteries which will capacitate the Safaricom network to run efficiently during power outages.

Durathon Battery technology is one of the first batteries in the world to be designed specifically for Charge Discharge Cycling (CDC) telecom applications. By using batteries as the primary energy source in a continuous charge-discharge-cycling (CDC) operating mode, fuel costs and emissions can be substantially reduced and overall system efficiency dramatically improved.

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The Batteries are ideal for back-up applications in urban centres where space is at a premium. They are designed to run at 48V and constructed from abundantly available materials, individual Durathon Battery modules are inherently less attractive to thieves looking to run consumer electronics or recoup material reclamation.

Telecom operators in Africa are starting to power cell phone towers with next-generation batteries. The low-maintenance batteries last twice as long as ordinary lead-acid batteries and can work for 20 years. They are also non-toxic and fully recyclable.