Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung’s newest phone from the galaxy serious, Samsung Galaxy S4, will go on sale in Kenya by May 15th. The phone will retail for around Ksh 65,000 but the black market with one year warranty will cost Ksh 60,000 or thereabout. Samsung has a 2 year warranty on most of its mobile devices sold locally.

Samsung has an African launch on Wednesday in Cape Town, South Africa.

Galaxy S4 is for Samsung lovers but the real power and beauty in the Android mobile platform is the HTC One. The One X and One X+ have a superior build and UI than the Samsung series. Samsung has all the money for marketing in the world but the Galaxy series look and feels cheap just after few days of use.

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Some pundits have declared that HTC One is “the most beautiful Android phone ever made.”

HTC One is a gorgeous 4.7-inch phone made from all metal and glass. The design is impeccable, and it runs the latest version of Google’s Android operating system.