By Okoiti Okiya Omtatah

The Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga should shut the hell up! When my Petition No. 311 of 2012, which challenged the corruption in the IEBC process of procuring a BVR solution for Kenya, was being frustrated in the High Court, I wrote to him mid last year but he took no action. To date he has not replied to my letter which I hand delivered to his office.

What his court has written here, on page 85-86 of their ruling, is bullshit. What does the Supreme Court mean by:
“It is, indeed, likely that the acquisition process was marked by competing interests involving impropriety or even criminality: and we recommend that this matter be entrusted to the relevant State agency, for further investigation and possible prosecution of suspects.”

Why didn’t the Chief Justice act when he had the chance to do so?

Bure Kabisa Chief Justice