The wife of William Oduol (Siaya Gubernatorial race candidate) is going through a lot. Her name is Nancy. She is now jobless after she exhausted all her sick leave with her employer. She has been assaulted by the husband it seems she cannot get justice from anywhere else.

Here are pics of her assault.

pics 1 001

She has failed to get justice from the courts because William Oduol has all the money to bribe everyone he want to. The worst bit is that despite William being in and out of courts with domestic violence cases since 2001, he is a licensed gun holder. He recently went to his wife’s residence (they are now separated) to threaten her and brag that she cannot get justice from the courts.

This just need to stop

UPDATE: William Oduol claims in a Facebook post that this is his only wife.

Oduol Wife

YES.  This is Oduol’s current girlfriend (not wife) called Christine. That is because he is not officially divorced from Nancy who he is embroiled with in a vicious court battle.