DStv is doubling its rewards for the loyal subscribers during the Easter weekend. Instead of the Ksh 600,000 reward, this Easter weekend, one lucky subscriber will walk away with Ksh 1.2 million.

In the last 5 weeks which the promotion has been running, DSTV has paid out around Ksh3 million to lucky loyal subscribers. Each subscriber took away Ksh 600,000.

The promotion is to run for 10 weeks where subscribers will also get a 10% discount on their subscription if they pay before the deadline.

DSTV subscribers can also win a full year’s subscription to their current bouquet, just by watching their favourite shows.  Tune in and when you see a blue DStv Rewards Box pop up on screen, make sure you SMS/TEXT the competition hotline (details onscreen and at www.dstv.com) with your name.