The Twitter account belonging to the BBC’s weather service was hacked on Thursday, the British broadcaster has confirmed.

The pro-Assad hackers and online activists, “Syrian Electronic Army”, claimed responsibility. The same group previously claimed responsibility for hacking Barack Obama’s Facebook page. The group previously targeted the website and Twitter account of  Human Rights Watch and that of the French news service France 24.




The group used the BBC Weather Twitter feed to post offensive and sometimes humorous messeges related to Syria and Middle Eastern politics.

One tweet declared: “Long Live #Syria Al-Assad #SEA.”

The group then tweeted;

“@BBCarabicOnline & @BBCWeather & @Bbcradioulster was hacked by Syrian Electronic Army #SEA #Syria,” the group said in a tweet.

The group’s tweets have since been cleaned from the BBC Weather account and replaced by a tweet apologising to followers.