Elections Kenya

So Google decided to claim attention from Kenyans by actually doing nothing apart from aggregating Google+, Youtube and Google News links from Kenyan media into one page. There is nothing much to boast f from what Google is offering. It is still mainly the usual shallow Google News offerings. I say “shallow” because news delivery has gone beyond few mainstream media houses in Africa. Blogs and other social media platforms are now more reliable than many of our mainstream media channels.

So some innovative young Kenyan minds have launched Election Kenya. The platform is a crowdsourced web-based content app delivering news not only from the Google owned platforms but also from Twitter and Facebook links.
Through the portal, you can;
1. Cross reference stories and link them up. (They call this feature intelliNews which basically relates stories from other media houses locally and internationally)
2. Possibility of the platform being deployed anywhere there is an election. (Just like Ushahidi) being used across the world since every month there is an election somewhere!

3.Use it as a News and Elections search engine.

The News Kenya portal is way better than what Google launched recently. Way………………better. Sue me.