I received this mail. I don’t have much info about the company. Calls are not being answered and the author of the email has not got back to me. Read and judge for yourself


I would like to expose a case of modern day apartheid right here in Kenya. This happens at Razco ltd, Baba Dogo Road, the makers of Lyons Maid ice cream. Last Saturday, the Managing Director Mr. Raza Jagani TOLD ONE OF THE WORKERS THAT INSTEAD OF HELPING AN AFRICAN, HE WOULD RATHER HELP A DOG!  He was asked on Monday 7/1/2013 if he made the statement and he again affirmed that he said so. 
Razco salaries are a case of skin colour determining how much one gets paid. The Asians who are managers earn 150,000 Kshs and above (tho some are semi-literate) while the African Managers get 35000 and below. Sample this:


Singh 120000, 
Dinesh 200000, 
Dipak 180000, 
Mohammed 200000, 
Kalpesh 120000.

African Salaries

Dispatch manager 42000

ice crem manager  40000

yogat manager 62000

grocery manager 36000

Please expose these shameless employers.