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Reports of Racism at Razco Ltd along Baba Dogo Road

I received this mail. I don’t have much info about the company. Calls are not being answered and the author of the email has not got back to me. Read and judge for yourself


I would like to expose a case of modern day apartheid right here in Kenya. This happens at Razco ltd, Baba Dogo Road, the makers of Lyons Maid ice cream. Last Saturday, the Managing Director Mr. Raza Jagani TOLD ONE OF THE WORKERS THAT INSTEAD OF HELPING AN AFRICAN, HE WOULD RATHER HELP A DOG!  He was asked on Monday 7/1/2013 if he made the statement and he again affirmed that he said so. 
Razco salaries are a case of skin colour determining how much one gets paid. The Asians who are managers earn 150,000 Kshs and above (though some are semi-literate) while the African Managers get 35,000 and below. Sample this:


Singh 120000, 
Dinesh 200000, 
Dipak 180000, 
Mohammed 200000, 
Kalpesh 120000.

African Salaries

Dispatch manager 42000

ice crem manager  40000

yogat manager 62000

grocery manager 36000

Please expose these shameless employers.




Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (


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  1. The exert situation also happens at bidco thika.illiterate asian heads dept and overpayed while africans who do all the work are underpayed.asians walk around boastfuly commading and cursing and using words like ‘benchot’.some of them also bein illegal aliens with no working permits.several strike had been done and its seems the c.e.o has everyone in his pocket including media and top cotu management.resently he (c.e.o)has refused to honour a court order that allows trade union entry to the factory.racism is real,indian community against africans.

    • Come on…Africans are most lazy, illiterates, need constant supervision, big heads, trouble makers, never faithful…Razco is rite that dogs r more faithful…high time, Indians took their investements elsewhere, coz the natives dont deserve anything. You give them the jobs, and some idiot like Kamau…is trying to show how much he is worth..with his low IQ 67

      • Get ouT of our country! We do not need investments from such people like you! Icecream is a luxury not a necessity. Millions of African farmers work all day and night to provide you your raw material (milk, sugar and cream). Its high time we took over such businesses and vetted business licencing to get rid of such rotten people like you with rotten antiquated attitudes. Who ever let you into Kenya in the first place? GO HOME WHERE YOU CAME FROM! A HOME WITHOUT INDOOR PLUMBING!!

      • India – The Defecating Capital of the World and you honestly thinK you are more better than Africans??? LOL!!!

  2. This has been going on since. And am
    not talking of RazCO. Most, if not all
    CHUTTA Cos. are full of discrimination
    and racial profiling. Shame!

    • More racist are the natives, let alone ethnicity…anything to do with Indians, Somalis, etc.. Is always in the wrong contexts…it is high time, all these investments was taken out of Africa..anyways, no western country wants to do anything with hard headed people with wrong mentality.

  3. True…Africans have lowest IQ levels below room temperature…this guy is a proper illiterate. Look at the mis-spellings..

    .ice crem manager 40000

    yogat manager 62000

    His African idiots have not noticed it…and are posting in Defence of this idiot…Africans are all stupid, unfaithful and xenophobic..and losers too

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