With the recent reducti0n of MTR by CCK, Airtel Kenya is introducing new bundled voice call packages which are more cost friendly to the subscriber. The Pamoja Bundles which are effective today, 13th Dec 2012, will see Airtel Kenya subscribers gain up to 2.5 times more talk time depending on the bundle they choose.

Airtel Kenya looks to satisfy the different segments of subscribers with personalised call packages. The calls cost between 2 cents and 5 cents per second depending on the package chosen by the subscriber.


Daily Bundle Cost (Kshs) Seconds Customer call Rate cents/sec More times Value
Pamoja5 5 100 5.0 At par
Pamoja10 10 250 4.0 1.25 times
Pamoja20 20 667 3.0 1.67 times
Pamoja30 30 1,500 2.0 2.5 times

Out of bundle Airtel to Airtel and rates to  other network is 6 cents per second. Customers can subscribe to the Pamoja bundles by dialing *767# from their Airtel phones and choose their preferred bundle.

Just like the voice packages, Airtel Kenya also currently has existing data and SMS packages that are tailored to individual consumer needs. The company says that it is adding the voice bundles to complete the unique choice of daily communications needs.

The company recently announced SMS bundles where its customers are able to send SMS messages to any network in Kenya for as low as 20 cents.