Huawei Technologies has launched an ICT education program that is hopped to foster ICT development and ICT talent training in Tanzania. This program will be in partnership with the government of Tanzania, and it will work with students starting from primary to university level.

The program will be known as “Huawei ICT Star program for Tanzania education”. It will support primary & secondary schools as well as universities, to develop ICT interests, which will contribute to the development of ICT industry in Tanzania

For primary and secondary schools, the program will contribute in improving the learning infrastructures that gives a better learning environment for the students in their earlier stage. And it will raise ICT awareness among students as well.

For universities, Huawei will set up “Huawei ICT Star” scholarship. The ICT solutions provider will then offer free packages of ICT training to excellent students in Huawei Africa Training centers. This program will provide ICT knowledge transfer and ICT talent trainings; make ICT students practice the latest ICT technologies.

“Huawei ICT Starprogram for Tanzania education” is expected to create a link between ICT industry and ICT talent development with the aim of enhancing economic growth in Tanzania.