Airtel Kenya has donated over 200 phones to the police officers in the Rift Valley Province. The phones are bundled with golden numbers (a special number with digits that are easy to recall from memory in times of need and emergencies). The partnership will cover all police stations, police posts and patrol bases in the Rift Valley Province.

Airtel Kenya managing director Mr. Shivan Bhargava said

“Airtel’s association with the police in the Coast and Rift Valley provinces is a way of creating positive impact in our communities and ensuring that security is enhanced through a fast, reliable and affordable means of. We are delighted to offer our support through this valuable partnership with the Kenya Police and are looking forward to extending this partnership to other police units across the country.’

Speaking whilst receiving the phones, Rift Valley PPO Mr. John Mbijjiwe said,

“We are grateful to Airtel for providing an efficient means of communication and touching the entire community in this area to enhance the sense of security amongst our people and the police to maintain law and order in the region. The connectivity amongst the stations will ensure timely and efficient communication between the police officers and the police stations and also between the police and the community at large.”

The Rift Valley province is the largest province in Kenya covering an area of 173,854 square kilometers with an estimated population of 10million in 2.1million households. This accounts for more than a quarter of the total population of Kenya (source: Central Bureau of Statistics, Kenya)