Kenya’s online restaurant and hotels guide, Eat Out Kenya,  and Wazi WiFi want to enable you to stay in touch and up to date with friends, family and your business contacts.

Through the partnership with Wazi WiFi, EatOut Kenya looks to offer cheap WiFi to selected restaurants in Nairobi.  Wazi WiFi will enable clients to stay connected while in restaurants by offering high-speed, accessible WiFi access points to businesses.

According to Mikul Shah, CEO an Co-Founder EatOut Kenya, “there are over 400 registered on the platform.”

Riyaz Bachani, Group CTO at Wananchi Group which is in charge of Wazi WiFi stated, “For 10 minutes per day, customers will get to surf  the internet from their devices for free. For those who want to have unlimited internet access per day, they will pay Sh50 per device. One month access per device will cost Sh500.”