Where is Kenya’s First Lady, Lucy Kibaki? Is She Alright? Why All the Secrecy?

Kenya’s controversial first lady, Lucy Kibaki, has not been seen in Public for some time. This is making many who care and the general public worried about her state. Lucy was last seen in public almost two years ago.

She has been spotted at the Gikonyos owned Karen Hospital sometime in 2012 and 2011. She was in one of the private wards according to state house and hospital sources. She has been under medical care. The nature of sickness of the first lady is not known but she was under close surveillance.

Why Karen hospital? Dr Dan Gikonyo who has been the doctor for the first family for a very long time owns Karen Hospital together with his wife, Dr Betty Gikonyo. They are thus trusted to keep things secret. But rumours have been going round for the past week that Lucy Kibaki is in a critical situation.

Don’t Kenyans deserve to know? She is a first lady for a reason. Why do State House see it best to hide things from Kenyans? Is Lucy Kibaki alright?


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  1. Lucy Kibai is fine i know for a fact and yes she nurses an advanced athritis ailment on her right leg, but i agree State House can employ better PR –

  2. What’s your interest on mama lucy or just held politics to shout about on social media? Why not contact pretender to the office of the first lady, she’s visible and media lady to talk? Bloggers sometimes act irritant and intruding yet they can’t buy lunch for families with idle occupation in social media. Keep first family issues to respect they deserve unless on hire mission.

    • As you can see it seems she was on a critical condition and that is why she was being supported by those men but why are they hiding Kenyans from the truth?

  3. The only thing that would reassure me is a live appearance of the first lady giving her ‘statements’. If she’s ill, the PPS should just call it as it is. There’s no embarassment in illness

  4. Kenyans need to know her whereabouts. Her life stopped being private the moment her husband became the president of the mighty Kenya. Statehouse owes Kenyans explanation

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