Kenyans have been killed in the last two weeks. More than 100 Kenyans have been massacred. The President does not care to comment or order any action to stop the killings.

Ethnic media houses like Nation Media portion blame in some ignorant way like they will always do, “President and PM.” Who does not know that Prime Minister Raila Odinga has no power to command even watchmen in Kenya? Nation Media is playing ethnic reporting and so their reporting and analysis of Tana River killings must be thus treated. Kibaki is the commander-in-chief and for him as long as his ethnic community is not affected, he will neither do nor hear anything about the killings.

Like Danson Mungatana say in the video below, if it was Kibaki’s own ethnic community, Kikuyus, he would have declared state of emergency.


We as Kenyans must rise up and demand that either Kibaki act on the killings or¬†immediately¬†vacate office and Kenyans go for elections. We don’t really enjoy watching gory scenes on our TVs daily. We have families and the exposure to too much violence in the country at a time when Kenya is said to be at peace is not helping.

All Kenyans demand that Kibaki move and contain the violence and arrest all killers including his own ministers. We cannot continue having thugs as rulers. It is either Kibaki act or Kenyans will act.