HootSuite which is the business behind the social media management service, has announced that it has acquired Seesmic. Seesmic which was founded by Loic Le Meur of Le Web and started as a video blogging site has become a major player in the social media though they have been losing market recently.

The deal with HootSuite seems to be so much targeted at the great user base of Seesmic and not the platform. In a blog post HootSuite announced that it has acquired Seesmic and that it will continue to support the platform while transitioning its business users to HootSuite’s services. HootSuite which has a tiered business has about 5 million users who send about 1.5 million messages through its platform to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn everyday.

Seesmic laid off more than half of its staff in March. The company planned to build an enterprise platform and even managed to receive a $4 million funding from Salesforce.com and SoftBank to do that.