Afrinolly has revealed that it has seen over a million downloads within the last eleven months. Three weeks ago downloads of Afrinolly across platforms like Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Nokia S40 and Java crossed the One million mark.

Since emerging as the winner of the Google Android Developers Challenge, Sub-Saharan Africa in the Entertainment category in September 2011, Afrinolly has seen a progressive growth rate in terms of downloads across Africa. Nigeria has the largest share of download with over 65%, Ghana, South-Africa and other African countries follow, USA, UK, Brazil and India make up majority of the rest.

MTN Nigeria has adopted the Afrinolly app and marketed it in its network. With MTN Afrinolly, MTN has led the campaign to raise awareness among mobile subscribers who are still unaware of the full range of potential services they can enjoy via their mobile phones.

On Afrinolly, customers discover upcoming movies via their trailers helping them to plan on seeing such at the cinemas, they are able to follow their favorite African movie celebrities and read entertainment news/gossips from across Africa right on their mobile devices.