Supersport is planning to launch one or two High Definition Outside Broadcasting (HD OB) vans in Kenya. The HD vans supplied by SONY will see Supersport have the capability to broadcast Kenya Premier League matches in HD in the near future. The sports broadcaster has been using the standard definition broadcast vans in Africa but started by launching the HD OB vans in Zimbabwe and Nigeria early this year.

The Supersport HD OB vans can support upto 13 cameras on the field backed up by 9 camera men. Each Camera focuses on a specific aspect of a game and can be controlled by robotic arms in the OB van. The robotic arms give the director control over clarity and other image aspects.

The vans also come with stump mics which pic unique sounds from the field and the stadium.

The 5 divisions of the HD OB vans are;

  • Production and Director section
  • Robotic Camera Section
  • Visual and Replays
  • Electronics and Switching (Routers)
  • Sound.

The HD OB vans come with a 60KVA backup generator.