So this incident took place at NPC Valley road


The explanation given by the church yesterday during the service was as follows:

  • The wedding went on well without interruptions till when they asked if there were any objections to this wedding. That is when a lady with a kid stood up and went to the front. The presiding pastor called both sides to the office so that they could have a talk.
  • During the talk, the lady produced a letter written by a lawyer in 2010 and letter from an Assistant Chief reading ‘ this lady has a child with this man. Please assist.’ It turned to be that this lady was an EX that the Pastor from Nakuru had promised to Marry. The story for the child was a Lie.
  • Eventually the truth was established, the ladies apologized and left the church willingly. They had been misled and hired to disrupt the wedding. The Media only covered the part of the disruption but didn’t cover after the solution was reached. Actually the wedding was stopped for 2 Hours but continued later. The marriage law states that you can’t stop a wedding during the wedding day but 21 Days before. That’s why the bans of marriage announcement are made 3 weeks to the wedding.
  • The church says for You to hold a wedding at NPC a proper back ground check is done and Counselling sessions are also done. This was just one of those regrettable incidences that happened in the Church.

The explanations does not make sense since they did not expect the video to show a 2 hours wait, the church was against the current constitution and so if a law was passed to allow gay marriage, will the church marry gays? Does the church have its own principles/tenets?

This does not make sense.