You must have noticed the unfortunate tweets which came from Kenya Power and Barclays Kenya Twitter accounts responding to my respective requests regarding my accounts with the same. The people handling the accounts, coincidentally became only careless when I requested for information and not anyone else did.

The first was the unfortunate tweets from Barclays Bank twitter account when I requested for more information on an account I previously held with the bank. I wanted to re-activate the account and turn it into a business account and so I thought that the best way to get my issue sorted was through the social media accounts. I was very wrong because the people managing the account were not going to put ethics before anything else and they would use the privileged access to the account to settle very personal matters.

The account executive from the communication agency handling the Barclays Bank twitter account got access to my account, cooked figures to make me look so badly in debt to the bank and even warn me how I will be entered in to the Credit Reference Bureau. Just to get at me because he had a personal grudge with me.

Kachwanya covered my unfortunate experience with Barclays Bank through their Twitter handle. The discussion was explosive.

The second was when I sent a tweet to @KenyaPower on Twitter asking why my bill came to Ksh 7,500 in one month from an average of Ksh 1,500. I got a tweet informing me how I had not paid my electricity bills for the last 3 months despite me having paid the same. I later went to Kenya Power and they sorted the discrepancy and issued an apology. Where I stay, it is very hard to stay connected for 3 months if you have not paid your bills. Very hard!!

The unfortunate revelations I got from all my investigations is that both Kenya Power and Barclays Bank Twitter accounts are handled by Scanad, a local communications and advertising agency. The company has assigned a blogger, Francis Karuga Gamu, who goes by the name Media Madness on Twitter. Apparently Francis aka Media Madness has been mad with me since I allegedly circulated his photo on Twitter. He swore to some of his friends at work that he will make me hara (diarrhea)  and delete my accounts online.

Francis Karuga Gamu aka Media Madness at TPF

Previously I thought that the Barclays account was handled through Squad Digital. They denied ever handling the account but confessed that the account is handled by Scanad and Francis Karuga is the guy handling the account.

When I revealed his actions on Twitter and even his identity including his work place. He sent a bunch of fools who are his colleagues at work and his fellow bloggers at Media Madness to attack me mostly in a very stupid way. But the proof is out there. Francis Karuga works at Scanad. Just call 020 2710021-6 and ask for Francis Karuga to prove this.

Francis is such a very poor and desperate fellow. Recently he got a warning letter from one of his bosses who was previously in the mainstream media and who on joining Scanad, realised his true identity. The same Francis Karuga was walking around media houses in the better part of 2011 and early this year desperately looking for a chance on radio.

Some Voice Test Recordings of Francis Karuga Looking for a Job on Radio

Francis Voice Test DO NOT DELETE link 3

Francis Voice Test DO NOT DELETE link 2

Francis Voice Test DO NOT DELETE link 1

The funny bit is that I, through this blog post, strongly defended his right to look for a job and even stay anonymous online. He called me on phone and appreciated my comments and support. I felt the desperation. Now I look back and say, “kumbe he is just childish and immature in all his online interactions?”

Read this Facebook post where DNG attacked Media Madness and even outed him. The video was later removed from YouTube.

My declaration is that I will ask Scanad, Kenya Power and Barclays for answers over these unfortunate actions and I wont just stop because they are not answering. I will consistently ask all the questions. I guess they really don’t know how important it is to be honest online.