How Kenya Airways Mistreats its Employees and Endanger the Life of Passengers

Kenya Airways seems to be in deeper problems from than we know of. With the many complains of passenger mistreatment and theft of stuff from luggage of the same. Travelling on KQ three times, I have had my luggage broken into and the airline has repeatedly claimed in the instances that they don’t pay more than $15 for luggage breakage, the cost of the loss notwithstanding.

But again let us deal with the facts at hand. KQ is the Kenyan people’s airline (National Carrier) which should market Kenyan culture and virtues just like SA, BA, Delta, Ethiopian Air and others are doing to their nations.  The most unfortunate scenario is that KQ has recently been employing pilots and Cabin Crew from Hong Kong, Thailand, Cameroon, Nigeria and other areas. Some routes like those to countries like Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Thailand have no single Kenyan or even when there is, Kenyan crews are just left to doing menial work on the airline and not any which might be of great benefit to Kenya’s tourism quest.

The routes like Bangkok to Gwanzu which KQ operates on have now exclusive Thai crew with no single Kenyan as pilots or in-flight attendants. How does that sit with KQ being a national carrier as well as the Pride of Africa? Again how does these moves sit with the airline’s move to cost cut? How affordable are the expatriate workers?

Whenever you board British Airways, Ethiopian Air, Air France, Royal Dutch Airline and other national airline, you will realise that the national language is spoken first as pride and a way of identity then the other languages can come in. How do the Thai, Chinese and West African crews promoting this?

Safety is one major issue on airlines all over the world, and each and every airline has put in measures to make flying safe by training their crew and only giving positions after years of experience etc. In Kenya Airways that has been watered down. Certain positions for the Thai crew have been deliberately lowered to enable them attain these positions. e.g Purser

None of the foreign national airlines including British Airways, KLM, SAA have ever employed Kenyan or foreign crews to take over routes in Africa or elsewhere. Why are we employing foreign crew and leaving our aircrafts behind for them to run in the foreign countries while Kenyans are being shipped back to the country?

The employment of Thai and West African crew is totally meaningless and serves no purpose according to aviation experts except that it is a move meant to deny young Kenyans the same jobs because KQ is not ready to better terms and the fear that Kenyans are bold in demanding their labour rights is scaring the airline. KQ has of late also started employing crews from India, and Rwanda.

The Rwandese speak very broken and poor Swahili and French which there are enough Kenyans who can even speak better. If KQ wants Indians, we have enough Kenyan Indians which they have refused to employ. Why? Because KQ does not want to honour workers rights. Why are we exporting jobs while we have very intelligent young Kenyans willing to work.

Again to join KQ as a Cabin Crew, you need to fork out over $3,500 (Ksh 300,000) as training fees at KQ Pride Centre training facility while employment is NEVER guaranteed. Foreigners joining KQ need to pay this and not much care is taken on the weight of their qualification with many instances the airline going for the bare minimum. How does this sit with the Kenya labour laws? Who will save Kenyans here?

About 10 months ago, KQ started a new suspect program where it took-up a group of in-flight attendants it famously calls “interns”. You would see them on routes wearing black skirts or trousers with very colourful tops. This group of workers have been enduring a lot of mistreatment from Kenya Airways. They are working in the most inhumane condition.

This group were meant to serve the local routes and so even the dressing (uniform) conformed to the not so extreme local routes like Kisumu and Mombasa which KQ serves. Now KQ has been sending the interns to stations like Johannesburg and Paris without taking into considerations what the Kenyans are going through. They are never provided with sweaters and trench-coats like the permanent employees at the same time they are never allowed to put-on something which is not part of the official uniform. Why must we treat workers like this? KQ you are going to kill Kenyans with very funny ailments which they are going to spend lots of money treating.

As per the attached contracts, KQ employs this group called “interns” on a salary of Ksh 45,000 gross which comes to Ksh 37,000 after taxation. For a Kenyan working locally or even a flight attendant on local routes, this can be almost enough. But for someone flying outside the country and sometimes in extreme winter conditions with long flights over the oceans, this is too little and dangerous. Now this have forced most of the so called interns to live in areas like Embakassi pipeline where looking your best is just a big challenge considering the conditions they work in. You will find some creative group of the interns now living in places like Dandora while others are finding it easy to deal drugs, peddle flesh with senior employees or passengers not taking into consideration the safety and health challenges which comes with this.

It is now very common to find KQ crews and in-flight attendants who live on shady apartments on top of bars, dingy corridors and other funny areas simply because of what the airline is remunerating them. With a Ksh 37,000 salary, what kind of accommodation will you be able to afford with that? Again FYI, KQ expect this group of interns to always look better than the permanent in-flight attendants.

BREAKING NEWS!! The internship ended and if you have read newspapers today, KQ is making a move. Let me tell you what happened which KQ did not tell journalists and we have enough lazy journalists to dig for facts and talk to the affected crews.

Here is the story, when the internship ended last week and KQ started hearing of the murmurs and some very loud complaints from the affected “interns”, they were immediately pulled off flights and asked to gather at the KQ training centre for a meeting. At the meeting, they were categorically warned of speaking to anyone but even with the internship ending, the airline was not about to let them go so they were still going to be engaged but through a different arrangement.

They were informed of a company called  that is when they were told that an outsourced company called CAREER DIRECTIONS LTD is going to take charge. First it is not clear how KQ arrived at Career Directions owned by Lucy Mmari as the contractor. This is one of the most suspect moves including the very much talked about fact that KQ CEO, Titus Naikuni, does not own a single share in the national carrier.

Again, whether KQ decides to outsource a HR company or decides to do the hiring on their own is not a problem but the same interns now working for CareerDirections LTD and seconded to KQ are working under the same salary they were on during probations and internship.

If I may go into details:

Right now they are nolonger interns but employees, doing exactly the same jobs as the other Kenya Airways crew employed directly. They are going to the same destination as them but the terms and conditions do not just match this level of engagement. It has not changed. Kenya Airways crew employed directly take home around Ksh 120,000 net salary.

The workers earn a further $90 in allowances. The $90 is paid to them weather they go out-station or not nor even without care whether they need the house allowance. The now ex-interns are still maintained on the Ksh 37,000 net salary through Career Directions with $50 allowance paid to them only for achieved nights out of their usual assignments. So if KQ flies you to Paris or Thailand and let you handover to the Thai crew and you come back with a different flight coming back to Nairobi, you will not get this allowance but you have worked beyond your usual assignment.

With the amount, you will need to pay rent, look well groomed (make up, stockings etc and they are not cheap) and support families if married. The contract offers medical cover which does not cater for the married with the airline being categorical that the workers need to top up for family members.

When you are working in a very odd environment like 37,000 – 40,000 feet above sea-level, you get exposed to various health conditions (pneumonia, chest problems, acute flu etc) which might just not be easy to treat. The contract which the employees have signed through Career Directions clearly state that one can only have 7 sick leave days annually. After that, you will only be paid half of your salary. So you get pneumonia and KQ expect you to treat it within 7 days failure to which you are immediately put on half-pay. Treating such diseases can never be done in hours. Again when you have flu, flying can ruin your ear drum since the chambers are highly compressed. This shoddy contractual clause might be a result of Career Directions not being remotely aware of the dangers of flying.

How does KQ expect the workers to behave well, be productive and the airline to grow when they are treated the same whether in probation, internship or actual employment? Talking to some of the in-flight attendants, you realise that most of them traffic drugs, peddle sex and misbehave just because of these working conditions. With that kind of money, what will make the attendants be vigilant and stop contrabands from being sneaked in to the airline? Have we not heard of situations where in-flight attendants helped hijackers take over airlines? What stops the KQ workers from doing so?

With all these facts, you will realise that Kenya Airways is becoming a dangerous airline to fly on. Now the In this case KQ is a major security threat to Kenyans and the rest of the world. Look into crash investigation, there are planes that have been brought down because of disgruntled employees. There is no way one can put cabin crew of different organisations different terms and expect proper team work without jealousy and complaints.

Wake up KQ!!

Find the latest contract here


Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (


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  1. I think it’s time KQ is used for the benefit of kenyans. It’s very frustating and annoying when one has to part with kshs 300,000 to get trained on what you can get elswhere cheaply. As if that is not enough you again strain to be absorbed by the same airline that trained you. I was told by a KQ staff that for one to get an employment with KQ you have to bribe the HR, the reason why KQ is out of reach by “common wananchi”. We need to change KQ let’s not leave this to this lazy and corrupt government.

  2. This is utterly absurd…if people are serious, then passengers should boycott this airline and use alternatives until KQ shapes up starts treating its employees in a humanely way. We don’t want to travel in flights with disgruntled employees, one time, one would get so frustrated to a point of pouring hot stuff right inside of a passengers eyes I beg….KQ has a bad name world wide over, people should push them out of business by opting for alternative airlines where there is…otherwise, they need to know that all of us are equal before God…why treat interns like they are mules, and why deny kenyans jobs if they qualify? Shame!

    • kq has a good name n thats y they get seconded by international organisations as carriers NGOs, UN, and others multinationals operating in Africa have it as the safest option of travel within Africa. KQ is just hiding behind this good name to mistreat young kenyans who hav been drawn to it coz its good name. but what is done in darkness will surely come to light

  3. its very hurting how the employers engage themselves in some akward ways of misusing people in the name of internship. This also reflects to what is done to our bros/sistrs in clinical medicine course where after 3 yrs in school they must undergo a compulsory internship 4 one year with no pay at all before registration and later dumped out with no hope employment.

  4. I\’m sorry but I think this post is pretty much (for lack of a better word) bullshit. First of all, in Kenya-interns almost NEVER get paid so a net of 37k is more than enough for risk allowance for local flights… 2nd of all, KQ is a private company&not a parastatal (sp)…300k for training (proper hands-on training for that too) is pretty cheap- good education always comes at a higher fee in Kenya(sadly) 3rd- I\’ve been to HK via Bangkok & only 3crew members were foreign(1 thai& 2chinese- who were clearly there for translation purposes) the other 4/5 were Kenyan-&so were the pilots. I wuz proud to be a Kenyan on that flight because they didn\’t stop reminding the crew that it was a Kenyan flight with Eric Wainaina\’s song playing on&on&other Kenyan ads … The fact that interns are sent on intn\’l flights is wrong but then again-I haven\’t seen that anywhere… All in all, I think this post is based on pure gossip… you should come up with relevant&trusted information sources and points of reference then we\’ll trust this shit…

    • First you need to read the post well and secondly you need to write something not painful to read. These people stopped being Interns and are now contracted as other employees and they are still paid Ksh 37,000 net. You need to dig up your brain to allow you to understand posts well

    • i hate to say this Oprah but what has been said is in fact true…you may not know it but the interns are really mistreated am speaking from experience and my best friend works there just a month ago she had chest problems because they aren’t given sweaters and are expected to go on very long flights.the pay is mediocre for someone who has completed school and has a family to support so please dont say that all this is bs coz it isnt.

    • Kindly keep your mouth where your money is.Just coz u have had one experience where things looked pretty normal does not mean crap aint happening. And by the way, the training is supposed to be done by KQ at KQ’s cost. That is whatKQ has done since the 70s, now it wants to push its responsibility to the person looking for the job, utter crap. All other airlines do it, who’s KQ to start changing the basics.

    • You call urself kenyan… Wat is oprah????? Really because of low life like you whove got minute brains thats making kenya a shit hole, if u were intelligent u shud know by now that the govt is the major shareholder of kq and when that happens the company turns into??? Am amazed uve only travelled only on the bangkok route, many oprajs like you on that route is known for what trade they do, i wud love to xontinue educating you but ur ignorance leaves a bad taste in my mouth, next time do a research, but i think ur either a low life paid by some rodents from either of the two companies ruining lives of kenyans

  5. Sincerely this is a poor command of English. Your document is a difficult read. You could do with one paragraph and straight into the point.

      • I work for kq and its true.infact Kenyans are being retrenched and replaced by foreigners. Naikuni ‘s pride was hit by the strike now he is revenging. He is using Egla too of hr and emmy letting. Inflight head

      • true.infact Kenyans are being retrenched and replaced by foreigners. Naikuni ‘s pride was hit by the strike now he is revenging. He is using Egla too of hr and emmy letting. Inflight head

      • When we are talking about creating jobs for Kenyans naikuni is retrenching and employing foreigners.what is immigration. Minister doing about it?

  6. Why haven’t they complained or quit? i know the job comes with its own risks, but each time i fly with KQ i see happy, smiling faces……they don’t look like people who are enduring their jobs…..Kenyans, we like criticizing everything, we never see anything positive. Kenya Airways is a great airline, ask your West African friends. by the way Ksh45,000 is a lot of money. plus you can also get a decent house with a 37K net salary.

  7. Just for clarity, as per ICAO and IATA rules and regulations, airlines do not have anyone called a ‘Cabin Crew’ Intern. You are either cabin crew or not. Period.

  8. This article is crap. I travel KQ quite a bit and have never had a full staff of foreigners. When we open Asia to Kenya we have to integrate at the very least until we can drum up Chinese-speaking Kenyans. 45K internship is something. I started my profession with an internship at Ksh Zero and had to look smart and professional. Interns, after a Masters Degree, Medical Degree or Law Degree work for varying small monies ranging from zero to not too far above that offensive 37K. Outsourcing is the way to go – get over it. The beauty of outsourcing HR is that you don’t have to spend too much time dealing with staff issues and instead concentrate on core business. The HR company will have to set up an attractive scale or risk losing trained crew. Soon enough the HR company will be paying for the training and will be the one to feel the pinch of staff attrition. Passenger safety?? What is all that about? – Still extremely proud of Kenya Airways.

  9. I’m a kq intern and i totally agree with this article. For those who think this is just gossip or Ksh 37,000 is enough for a cabin crew, please get your facts right. The only reason why I haven’t resigned is because i have nowhere else to go and the company is clearly taking advantage of my desperation. FYI we smile because it’s our job to smile, doesn’t mean we are happy.

  10. To echo someone else’s words, this article is full of bull****. I have on KQ flights to BKK many times and majority of the crew are Kenyans. The aircrafts are piloted by Kenyans (complete with accents!). KQ however needs foreign crew to translate to the non-english speakers. All the announcements are always first in Swahili then the other languages.
    I have recently been on an emirates flight from US to Dubai. The 4 pilots (its a long flight needing change of crew mid-air) were all foreigners. None from UAE. For the cabin crew, only one was from UAE, the rest were foreigners. Granted Emirates is much bigger than KQ and the Arabs would rather not work in the services industry and own oil wells and businesses instead, but makes me appreciate the Kenyan identity the KQ has maintained.

    Again I say, article is baseless!

  11. just like what happens in CMC motors,top management takes up almost everythng n juniour employees peanuts,everythn is for the interest of shareholders.

  12. At the risk of being told to dig up a brain or being accused of showing how empty the head is, you may want to reconsider your language. You have blogged about something, and people will give comments. Some will be good and others not so good. So, kindly just appreciate the readers and their comments, and no need to use such strong language.

    Regarding the crew, I am based in Asia and fly KQ always when i’m going home. While I agree some of the services are wanting, it has never been my experience that they have opted for foreign crew over the Kenyan ones. They usually have, as someone has noted up there, foreign language crews to cater to the passengers. The people using KQ in this region are mostly Chinese as they navigate between Asia and Africa, thus it makes sense to have a native Chinese speaker to communicate with them. Often there are only about 3-4 foreign crew per flight (depending on the size of the plane too). The usual “Mabibi na Mabwana” is done by Kenyan crew before the translations come in, and all other announcements are also in Swahili. I have also noted that they have now began pairing up an elder pilot with a younger one, which is quite encouraging. The pilots have always been Kenyan. And, just to add to this, airlines like Vietnam airlines has foreign pilots – same thing with Thai Airways – but they pair them with a Vietnamese (Vietnam Airlines) or Thai co-pilot (Thai Airways)

    I’m not sure about their Conditions of Service, but if that is the case, it is a pitiful scenario and I hope that the management can learn to value the service of these crew and compensate them accordingly.

  13. IN every situation,there is some bit of truth.THE GOVERMENT,THE UNION AND THE MANAGEMENT SHOUL FIRST INVESTIGATE THE ROOT COASE OF THE EMPLOYEE”S GRIEVANCES AND THEN TAKE A STEP.In every organisation,problems occur but the HR should be in a position to go about it before it gets to a point like this…..i wount be happy hearing that KQ Employees are on strike…these are problems that can be solved easily by the HR team. The union representatives should ensure that no discrimination in employment and alsothe management should ensure security of the passenger’s luggages.I have also heard about this breakage case not once or twice.This should be taken seriously before the mountain errupt which it will be too late to prevent the hot magma from flowing.We should not say that this is crap..get this.,;”THE HOUSE OWNER KNOWS HIS HOUSE IN AND OUT THAN THE VISITOR WHO COMES ONCE IN A WHILE” The truth of it all is that ”something is cooking”


  15. I totally agree with Grace,when doing a blog, you are entitled to your opinion,so strong or profane language should not be encouraged, i have been using KQ oftenly for the past 6 years and mark my word ,we have a fantastic airline, in each and every sector we have failures ,and they make us better people, i think it has given the best opportunity to Kenyans and take an example of emirates, if emirates airline is full of the Arabic locals how does it feel? so they need a specific fraction of different nationalities to make the service better, try air Rwanda ,Qatar perfect flights ,but the connection will make you love the pride of Africa.

  16. It seems you are one of these employees; if u thnk that life will treat you right just because ur a gud person uv got another thing coming; a bull will mow you down whether u are avegeterian or not!, have initiative, peddle drugs if you can coz at the end of the month;it is you and your landlord

  17. If you must write, please get all your facts right. I’m pretty sure half of the info you’ve given is based on hear-say. If not, my apologies but pretty sure you’ve exxagerated or gotten the wrong info. I’m not for ill-treatment of interns but as someone said, they’ve paid that cost you stated to intern with them. Believe me they knew the kind of duties and treatment they were yet to get. Regarding the cabin crew on the guangzhou-hongkong-bkk route, please note that 3/4 of the passengers are of chinese/ thai descent and barely understand english, thus the need for chinese/ thai crew. Not all the crew is chinese/thai. Get your facts right. I’ve flown that route twice in the last year and I can tell you averagely 3 non-kenyan crew. I honestly think people bicker too much about KQ.

  18. But, KQ and how it prides itself as being among the best airlines in Africa needs t understand that they really pay their crew peanuts in comparison to airlines such as BA, Emirates and Qatar. From the mouths of several crew members: working with KQ is a struggle that they wouldn’t recommend but families have to be fed and thus the reason why they still persever. I know many who would opt out, but opt out amd go where? The same kind of ill treatment that goes on in all work places. They need to put pressure on their employees, boycott, strike and the likes which they do. But only then shall they get the proper treatment and renumeration they require. Now if one gets too comfortable where they are, there shall never be progress.

  19. “The routes like Bangkok to Gwanzu which KQ operates on have now exclusive Thai crew with no single Kenyan as pilots or in-flight attendants. How does that sit with KQ being a national carrier as well as the Pride of Africa?”
    I couldn’t get past this comment…
    obviously the author hasn’t done any research whatsoever…KQ crew and specifically Flight Deck crew are all Kenyans. If you follow the news you will learn that the Official Kenyan Pilot Union(KALPA) discussed and turned down introduction of Experts to create and sustain jobs for the kenyan pilot, whether direct entry or AB initio.
    Please,With all due respect to the author, from that statement alone you loose all credibility and your trust dry.

  20. This is such a weird article….I don’t see kenyans speaking thai so of coz tht is a sound business decision for the company to maitain tht route.
    I don’t think any airline puts interns in the air of coz for safety and iata rules.
    Every airline I have flown has foreing pilots even in america and shud I say even a company I woke in the corporate jets have at least a foreing pilot, its a matter of recruiting the best, not just getting somwone coz they are a citizen. Airline industry u just don’t pick any tom dick or harry to fly people all those miles in th air without being picky.
    Meanwhile with all the kenyans working for emirates and qatar air and licing in their countries why don’t u write an article on the counttries behalf complaining about the hoardes of kenyans in dubai working for emirates.

    Seems like KQ refused to employe you and you are disgruntled till you wrtting is disgruntled as well.

  21. This article just tastes like cheap gossip aimed at throwing mud at KQ.
    If not so, can the writter give us more & concrete evidence to justify his/her accussations.
    However, should these accussations turn out to be true then the KQ staff through COTU should fight for better working conditions besides a good remuneration.

  22. Shame on titus nikuni and tha ENTIRE kq mgt.can u imagine hw can they leave highly educated,qualified,trained n proffesional young Kenyans who r in dire need of thoz jobs n employ foreigners?tha salary is chicken feed compared 2 KQ’s magnitude i mean i’d not blame the staff if they let terrorists in planes hu offer attractive sums of eyeopener to tha lazy,greedy,cruel managers of tha “national carrier”they shud read this.

  23. A case of trying to rally the whole world behind you just because you can’t agree with the employer. Rather like Miguna Miguna, or our politicians when they are in trouble with the law! Didn’t they go on strike recently forcing KQ to advertise the jobs elsewhere?

  24. Wow its usually hard for the outsiders to understand. While all these foreign crew are being hired, many kenyans are jobless, all the blogger is trying to say is that wake up kenyans ur carrier is creating jobs for foreingers n leaving its pple. For a kenyan to join kq one needs to pay almost 300,000ksh for trainning at kq school and the foreigners need not to pay anything. Airlines like BA and KLM swiss air, air france travel to almost all destinations kq travels to but has one seen them hiring from kenya, india, west africa? No priority is with the countries of origin qatar emirates oman etc recruit from All over coz their men and women are either not allowed to work or they r too rich to work. Its sad that kenyans with jobless brothers and sisters can talk the way some of u are doing. These are jobs kenyans can do, kq can emply bilinguals, kenyans are learning foreign languages, in a few months the bangkok route will be manned by only the thai crew, kenyan cabin crew takes the plane to bangkok and leaves it behind with the thai, which other airline does that? Pple do not realise that a plane is not a city hopper that u can change the crew just like that. A cabin crew is a safety officer in that plane and is equiped with measures to gaurantee safety n security as pilots fly it, and they also knows the measures to bring it down killing everyone on board. With all these terrorism attacks n hijacking its very easy for disgrantled cabin crew to collude, if uve watched aircrash investigations n heard sme of the last words from the blackboxes you wouldnt be speaking like this, dropping from the skies is nothin one wud want

    • @Aluozi, please note that the Asian languages are VERY SENSITIVE. It takes long to master the nuances of these languages. It is not just about speaking out the words. To really understand and appreciate the sensitivities of the Asian languages one must be resident in this place. It is very easy to insult them just by the way you pronounce a word. For example, you can easily find that one word has 5 different meanings. One of those will MOST certainly be an insult – and the differences come in how you pronounce those words. Or perhaps with the type of word you use. Granted, the Kenyan crew could learn the language, but it is not easy. And i’m sure that by the time they opted for the local crews (i.e. Thai/Chinese) they had done their homework well. For your information, I’ve flown Emirates, I’ve flown Qatar, I’ve flown Vietnam Airlines, I’ve flown Thai Airlines. They ALL have mixed crews for the comfort of their passengers over those sectors. So KQ’s mixed crews are not a unique thing. What we should be fighting for is for them to get paid better wages and provided with better conditions of service.

  25. Now this is adding up to all the shameful things Kenya is going through and I was so proud of KQ now my Pride of Africa is in a tune of -0.0099998787% though never flew anywhere except jumping river Nzoia at home, I am taking this news and 1/2 ways beliving this story, but if this is true, AM TOTALLY SAD.

  26. This document is difficult to read! I can hardly go through the second paragraph; though it does point out some critical issues. You’d rather edit it for eloquence, clarity and tone.

  27. dude omundu,
    ”if you complain you will remain , but if you praise you will rise”
    stop comparing kq to airlines like emirates,helloo we are a third world country.
    One thing i always tell my colleagues is,if you think a place is too bad for you,and you cant change it,find another place.those workers complaining about how kq is bad should quit and better yet start their own well paying airline.
    FYI kq,safaricom,nakumatt were among the best paying corporates in the country and kq was also among the dream jobs prefernce by many…infotrak research.
    You might think that grass is greener on the other side,wait till you hear the bigger problems in the airlines you are busy praising.
    How about you do this,start finding the good things at kq and blog about them,you just might land a PR job…. …. ….. like me

    • Kevin Keya you show a lot of emptiness in your thoughts when you can’t realize the state of Kenyan economy in regards to employment and availability of jobs. You need to know that even Kenyans living in very bad situations mostly have no otherwise. We will continue fighting for the voiceless and you can continue being KQ’s toilet paper.

    • Just to point out to you Kevin, we may be a third world country but we dont charge 3rd world fares on KQ. Hence profit margins still remain the same. KQ pays crap to the people who rake in the profits for them. That is unacceptable. Especially when you know that these are learned degree holders and not just some uneducated manual labourers. When you start thinking like that, what you mean is that we should never try to outgrow the title 3rd world, so how else do we develop when you can have such backward thinking. And as for infotrak research, I also know many well perfoming candidates who want to be doctors yet the doctors are the most disgruntled lot in kenya.

  28. Its very heartbreaking to just see how kenyans are ignoromous. Just because you’ve travelled with KQ severaly doesn’t mean that you get to know the problems the employees face.Its not as if after the flights you walk into a bar with them and exchange some brains.You don’t have to see them cry for you to believe.One of their duty is to smile.

    For your information,KQ loses more than enough pilots yearly to other airlines.Reason,poor pay.This results in KQ employing average pilots who will settle with the given pay.Those that even fail the assesment tests and have to retake.

    Secondly,being a cabin crew you can easily survive with a 37K salary if you are plying localy.But not internationaly.The expenses alone when in some countries are just too much esp. in some weather conditions.Its not logical to keep yourself in a bracket where pilots are geting 600K and you 37k just because you are a crew.Even the local KQ pilots earn not less than 320K.

    On the baggage issue,its not entirely a blame KQ should bear alone…You understand that the luggage does pass through several hands as it is being screened.

    • Kq does not employ average pilots. Get your facts right. they take the cream of the pilots and its those who don’t make it that go fly other local airlines.

      • If you have the so called facts,you can lay them out n then come challenge me…..It seems you dont even know how many pilots,those that are trained by KQ itself on cadetship,seek refuge elsewhere as they seek for greener pastures right after they repay KQ.

        Its time you stop being sceptical in everything esp. if the only thing you’ve ever is just to travel with one..

  29. After carefully reading this article, I find it quite misleading. First of all the headline, the author claims that kq is endangering the life of its passengers yet he/she does not substantiate how that happens. I was expecting to read claims such as kq skipping service schedules for their planes, failing the IATA safety standards or employing unqualified pilots and services engineers. Hence, I don’t buy the author’s notion that kq is unsafe. One thing that does come out clearly about this article is that it was authored by a dissatisfied member of the cabin crew. One thing that every Kenyan should understand is that Kenya airways is a global airline, and being that it’s appropriate to have a various nationalities among the cabin crew. Other accomplished international airlines do it to improve on their customer service and so does kq. For examples emirates and Qatar airlines both employ hundreds of Kenyans both as cabin crew and as pilots and nobody is complaining about it. Just bcoz kq is a Kenyan company it’s doesn’t have to have 100% Kenyan employees. Currently Kenyan living in the diaspora rake in over 80 billion shilling in this economy annually, if the authors mentality that restricts hiring of foreign staff was to be adopted everywhere in the world you can only imagine the effects. On the issue about the so called interns, it appears that kq has decided not to hire them directly instead outsource their services through a third party. Just like any other company in Kenya and the world kq has the right to outsource its services in-order to curb its spending. Kindly note that we live in turbulent times for the airline industry and very few of them make a profit. You do realize that out of the list the the author has given as good examples of global airlines only Ethiopian airlines made a profit the rest British airways, Klm and air France made substantial losses . For Kenya airways to be among the few profit making airlines in the world it means they must be doing most of the things right. They may have a few mistakes here and there but then again no airline is perfect. What Kenyans need to understand is that as much as kq is the national carrier, it’s sole responsibility is not to provide employment for Kenyans. Just like any other company they must work on their bottom line. The dissatisfied cabin crew need to address their grievances through proper channel I would suggest court of law instead of trying to ruin the reputation of one the few successful airlines in Africa, reputation that is not easy to build especially for an African airline.

  30. I work for a rival airline here in Kenya and i have seen these so called interns everyday at the airport,to be honest if at all this is what is happening its very sad and those of you saying that they shld quit are not genuine knowing how the job market is in Kenya,i honestly dont care if kq decided to employ from outside the country but they should be considerate of employees needs lest they start doing funny deals on the side,the writer regardless of his intentions brings a good point that should not be just ignored,safety in aviation is priority and anything that is deemed to be a safety risk should not just be left unchecked coz peoples lives are at stake. As for kqs mngmnt style i dont care one bit but it should reflect on the employees.

  31. I totally disagree with the author of this article. This is an incitement to the general public and to the employees of KQ. Without facts to validate the same, it can only be regarded as malicious and unfounded towards our national airline.

  32. First off, do not be misled into reacting quickly without all the facts. Give credit where it’s due, KQ is one of the few African airlines flying to Europe regularly with their stringent rules and endless requirements so it is doing something right.
    Secondly, local passengers make up around 9% of the total number of passengers using KQ so instead of bashing the company, ask yourself why we are so quick to judge but not invest. Anyone who has started a business knows it takes years before u truly see ur efforts bear fruit.
    I am not saying that KQ doesn’t have problems, it does, and the management style is troubling bt before complaining and jumping ship to other foreign airlines, ask yourself what have YOU done to better the conditions at home?

  33. why will Kenya airways fire some employees and after a week advertise for some of the vacancies is there some thing that the public is not aware of

  34. to who ever said tat BA,LH and swiss do not hire foreign nationals. fyu… they have smeting cld LOD language of destination flight attendants being employed since past few decades..empty glass makes more noice…

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