Is Mudavadi a Reflection of Kalonzo in 2007

By Paul Nyadoto
How many still remember situations pre-election in 2007?. How somebody deceived Kalonzo that he can win the presidential election, he should ditch ODM and make his own party. Then rallies  were arranged where people were being given money to attend. In a country like kenya where majority of people are jobless  and poor such rallies are really productive. Changa, beers, unga, sodas were sometimes at their disposal, cars and lorries to ferry people to and fro were provided. Is history repeating itself on Mr. Mudavadi this time?.
How many votes did he Kalonzo get despite all the ridging and vote stealing by kibaki. Kalonzo the VP hardly got  one million votes. A figure much less than even his own tribe´s voting force. How comes it?.
Reflection on these two individuals is on the air. I think that this is a reflection between Kalonzo and Mudavadi. In ordinary or elementary physics the law of reflection states that for specular reflection the angle at which the wave is incident on the surface equals the angle at which it is reflected. Mirrors can be the best objects to look at if you happen not to have done physics in life.
The angle here is the people known to divide opposition for their own gain to keep the Status quo, even after election. So what is the point of election if some still want STATUS QUO??.  I would advice Mudavadi followers to think hard and try to look far beyond election´s outcome. Kalonzo was used and still being used; but since he is alone now I do not see anybody paying people to attend his rallies anymore. He is already not needed, used and dumped, what  a day.
Anyway the grave is the place of the dead, and carmel is a mountain. BOTH are symbols of inaccessibility so let us wait and see after election if Mudavadi will be on back of the carmel or down. If his aim is to prevent Raila presidency then he has really missed the point why Kenyans need a president. I hope his aim is to be his own man once in his lifetime.

Written by Robert

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