Orange unveiled a new Surf and Pay 3G Wi-Fi Router targeted at the SME market. The device is one of the first Wi-Fi routers based on 3G technology with a billing interface, complete with a reporting application.

The new plug and play device is convenient for use by small start up businesses: small hotels, restaurants, business centres, cyber cafes and other small sized businesses. The device is also ideal for schools and apartment blocks as it allows for the sharing of broadband internet costs with others using a payment interface that is both flexible and secure.

The Orange Surf and Pay Wi-Fi Router enables the connection of up to 20 end users and brings with it simple yet much needed features, key among these being the embedded billing software that enables the management of the time and volume spent by each user. The device also comes with 4 hour back up battery, a SIM Card and free 10GB worth of data.

The device, which will retail at KSh 36,950, is available at all Orange shops as well as partner outlets countrywide.