What Does Kalonzo Stand For? Is He Really Clean?


What does Kalonzo Musyoka stand for? This man sounds like a parrot, saying things he does not even believe in himself. Listen to him talking about poverty when he is responsible for poverty in Tseikuru. Charity starts at home. This man has impoverished his neighbours at home where he is a dreaded tyrant.
Kalonzo is the man who got to Parliament in 1985 following the murder of Manandu, who was the MP for Kitui North. The matter has remained under a mask.
Kalonzo’s distinguishing factors are:

  • Kalonzo is remembered most famously for a case in which the Courts found him guilty of embezzling a client’s money through his law firm. Thanks to his connections in Kanu. The matter died a natural death, although the Court committed him to jail. Talk of impunity?!
  • There was also the case of embezzled land in Mpeketoni. Up to now, Kalonzo is the beneficiary of this grabbed land. He has also grabbed land in Yatta.
  • Kalonzo does not like to see any Akamba person raise his head above the water. He deals with them ruthlessly. This is why Kitui North/Mwingi North is thoroughly impoverished.
  • He was a Kanu sycophant for many years. He opposed multi-party democracy. As Deputy Speaker in Parliament, he brought dictatorship to the House. He would not allow some MPs to speak in Parliament. He locked media out of the House. This man was simply a terrible dictator.
  • As Kanu Organizing Secretary, he presided over expulsion of democrats from Kanu. He ensured that they would not stand for elections.
  • He was himself the beneficiary of rigged elections in 1988, 1992 and 1997. In a free and democratic environment, this man could not have “won” these elections.
  • Kalonzo was the man who rode roughshod through the teachers of this country. Even after the teachers’ union reached an agreement with the government, he made sure that the teachers were not paid. When they demonstrated in Nairobi, the minister with a baby face unleashed the police against them. The teachers were clobbered in the streets under Minister Baby Face’s instructions.
  • This minister called multiparty advocates “day dreamers”. He said democracy was bad for Kenya and said Moi should rule forever.

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