The Kenyan Blogging Pandemic

You remember how back in the day (or even of late in rural Kenya), everyone who completed his High school education in Kenya went to do computer packages. That was the craze, just about when computers in Kenya became a thing for all common mortals.

That is the status of the Blogging pandemic in Kenya. Just about anyone in College or just fresh from college has a blog where they are passionately blogging away about anything. You only need to visit some of the busy HR offices to realize the seriousness of this craze. Every new job applicant believes this is the silver lining for their CV.

Blogging Your way to Stardom?

So it’s been around 6 months, a year or an year and a half since you set up your blog. You have been religiously consistent, whipping out fresh articles daily, weekly or perhaps bi-weekly. Sticking to your plan.

Remember that Social Media strategy you made coz you wanted to rock the world on your way to becoming the Kenyan Blog Star? That Solid game plan, perhaps you even got some nomination at the recent BAKE awards.

Things were looking up, or so you thought!

Where it all starts going Down!

But sooner than later it’s dawned on you that it’s not as solid as you thought. Things aren’t moving as fast as you intended not enough eyeballs or even clicks coming your way.

Week after week guys no longer even seem to look forward to your Facebook posts; needless to say that the “Likes” aren’t what they used to be. The twitter side of things isn’t looking that twitty either, the mentions & re-tweets seem to have dissolved to the thin air & now you’re wondering whether it was all worth it …..

The plan you had as step 2, where you’d monetize your blog by charging a fortune to companies to advertise or link it to Google Ads is now just a distant thought.

Simply, You are Stuck! You might as well just wind up the windows on blogging, wave your fantasy dreams goodbye & just call it a day.

Put up a Fight! Here’s how;

This is where you love being Kenyan, because you just won’t go down without putting up a fight will you?

The 1 major reason Kenyan Bloggers are failing is because; Everyone will tell you to blog about something you’re passionate about.

Except they never tell you that what we’re passionate about isn’t only what matters. It’s what our audience is passionate about.

Until you accept & acknowledge you have been doing this wrong, there is no lifeline for you.

Here are 3 Key things you need to do to turn your blog around & Save your dreams.

Watch out for our next post on this Series for the First Solution!