Kaspersky Lab has launched a new version of its mobile security suites for Android. The newly souped-up Kaspersky Mobile Security now offers users the ability to block infected and fraudulent websites which steal visitors’ data.

According to a study done early this year by Harris Interactive, around 16% of users store private files on their mobile devices, 53% use their devices to private email while 47% access social media through their cellphones. Again the researchers indicate that around 62% of smartphone users throughout the world regularly use their devices to access the internet access.

According to Kaspersky lab, this new app combines traditional methods of anti-malware protection with heuristics and cloud technologies in tackling the current mobile security challenges. The use of cloud is meant to hasten the response to new mobile security challenges. The solution will also still have the ability to filter unwanted calls and text messages.

Kaspersky Mobile Security provides

  • Blacklisting and whitelisting capabilities to protect the user from unwanted contacts
  • Security for personal data by hiding call history and text messages
  • The user with the ability to automatically lock call history and text messages after a predefined period of time
  • The user with the ability to hide his/data data remotely by sending a text with a command to the smartphone
  • User with the ability to delete data stored on the device or wipe all data if necessary.

Furthermore, if a subscriber loses his/her mobile phone and the SIM card is replaced by the criminal, the SIM Watch feature on the new Kaspersky Mobile Security will block the cellphone and email the new phone number to the device’s owner.

Kaspersky lab is offering you a trial version of the suite here.