AccessKenya, the country’s only publicly traded Internet company, has launched a solution targeted at building internet infrastructure to homes and offices. The Fiber to the premises(FTTP) is a solution which AccessKenya will offer at developers to see buildings in Nairobi have ready fibre connection.

Though the provider has been offering the Fibre-to-the- Home solution, the company has been facing challenges in deploying such solution in premises which were not prepared for such an eventuality.

Through the infrastructure laid, the company looks to have homes ready for next generation services like VOIP, IP TV, voice communication and  CCTV. Other services like fire alarms will also be integrated.

Already AccessKenya is serving up to 40 modern buildings in Nairobi with the company looking to extend the coverage diameter to 50 kilometres in Nairobi.

Already AccessKenya is working with various partners in deploying the solution. TKM Maestro has been providing integrated solutions for planning, design and construction in the country for the past 10 years.