After KBC through Signet announced that Nairobi is now well covered by the DVB-T2 signals, PanAfrican network trading as StarTimes Media has launched the second DVB-T2 signal. You know that the Kenyan pay TV market is very exploitative with South African owned Multichoice network charging as much as $100 for no unique offering but football and cartoons.

Zuku entered the market in 2011 and is gaining the East African market. So last week, StartTimes launched its Kenyan operations. The digital TV provider which used to operate in 9 African countries made Kenya its 10th market. The company claims to have invested over $75 in the Kenyan market to launch the service where it is looking to aggressively sell its offerings.

With around 70 active channels and looking to acquire more, StarTimes will give Zuku, DSTV and others competition since it uses the conventional aerial with only a set-top box which goes for Ksh 3,000 required for set up. It is however limited in coverage since its deployment is no different from terrestrial TV while DSTV and Zuku provide satellite TV services.

StarTimes boquets consist of Basic plus, Classic, Classic Plus, Unique, Unique Plus and India, with a price range from between Kes. 499 and 2499. The cheapest package, Basic, offers up to 40 channels as the starter package including the local TV channels.

StarTimes DVB-T2 signal is currently available in Nairobi. The provider looks to cover Kisumu and Mombasa from early July with more than 10 cities to be covered by the end of the year.