Kenyans might be lucky if the claims by my sources at Safaricom are true. Vodacom South Africa has confirmed in a tweet that it will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S3 at a whooping Ksh 90,000 (R8,979). Now that is waaay… up. I guess we are lucky because both Safaricom and Samsung have indicated that they were pushing to have the device retail below Ksh 55,000 but they believe that they can manage only Ksh 59,999.

On contract, the device will retail at Ksh 3,500 (R349) per month for 24 months (yes 24 months). The contract offer will be bundled with 250MB of data per month for 24 months with Samsung Flip cover also in the package. With the contract offer, you would have paid only Ksh 84,000 for the phone.

I guess Kenyans are just still too poor to pay Ksh 90,000 for the phone. Even South Africans are surprised. The device is set to launch in South Africa on June 7.