KCB and Paynet

KCB yesterday launched its diaspora targeted banking platform. The banking platform which is also a portal is available on www.kcbbankgroup.com/diaspora.

The platform was built with every East African working out of his/her country in mind. The bank with branches in six East African countries (South Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda) looks to offer the East Africans a one-stop platform where they can invest as well as remit money back home.

From the platform, you can download account opening documents, fill them and with the filled documents on hand you can visit a KCB authorised agent, Embassy, notary Public or your current banker for validation of your true identity.  You will then need to courier the filled documentation to KCB HQs in Nairobi for processing.

The bank’s IT and Innovation Director, Robert Ochola, also confirmed that the bank is currently testing native apps for BlackBerry, Android and Nokia platform which they will soon launch.