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ZiNG has partnered with AVUSA to deliver ten new content Zones. The Zones deliver live news feeds from ten of the most popular AVUSA online news and information sources, including the massively popular Sowetan Live. Readers are able to share news stories with one another in real-time to start conversations, and discuss common points of interest, one of the key features of the rapidly growing Instant Messenger.

The Zones that have been integrated into the ZiNG experience are specifically suited to diverse interests of local audiences, covering a wide range of topics, from local news and entertainment to sport and lifestyle. Users are able to easily subscribe to the new Zones, and are informed of new stories arriving as they happen. Users can view news headlines and instantly fetch the story to read it. Subscriptions are free.

“We are extremely proud to be partnered with AVUSA. Our users are already engaging heavily in the ZiNG Zones, and adding top quality content from partners like AVUSA will ensure value is increased for our user base” said Jason Perthel, CEO of Blazingchilli. “Sowetan Live has one of the largest, most engaged audiences in South africa, and we believe this partnership will add tremendous value to our users”, he concluded.

The full list of AVUSA Live Zones is as follows:

  • Times Live
  • Sowetan Live
  • Sowetan Live News
  • Sowetan Live Business
  • Sowetan Live World
  • Sowetan Live Sport
  • Sowetan Live Entertainment
  • Sowetan Live Good Life
  • Sport Live
  • Sunday World