The parents of Alex Chege Mugachia and Malonza Chege Mugachia, two brothers out of the three Kenyan Big Brother Africa representatives, have started a social media campaign to see their two sons win the $300,000. Dr Joe Mugachia and his wife, Dr Mwikali Mugachia, have taken up to running the Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to the campaigns to see the two “almost twin’ brothers win the prize.

Speaking to Techmtaa, Dr Joe Mugachia reiterated that he believes that his sons are mature enough to know the good and the bad values they can pick from such a show.

“Alex and Malonza initiated the campaigns before they left. We  as parents are going to support them in their endeavours. We don’t support the boozing, sex and some bad values which have been witnessed from the house before, but we will always believe that we imparted the right values into our children”

When we prodded Dr Mugachia further about what he looks to achieve through the online campaign, his curt answer was that he wants “nothing but victory for our two sons.”

The other housemate representing Kenya in the Big Brother Africa show is Jackson Makini aka Prezzo and self-appointed “King of Bling”.

You can support the Mugachia brothers through these links:

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Facebook page 

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