South Africa’s Pay TV, DStv, has been fined 10,000 rands (approx. Ksh 120,000) by the country’s Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) for showing a man’s penis and full frontal male genitals during a TV game show with a PG13 rating.

According to News24, Dstv was broadcasting the TV game-show, Banzai, on Sony Max channel 126 when viewers were given a chance to guess “who has the biggest package.” The contestants were five young men dressed in small, tight-fitting Speedos of different colours.

Each contestant was given a chance to step forward and put their hands in their boxer short. The “winner” then dropped his short and showed physical proof of his massive manhood on the show, rated PG13.

“When the third man steps forward, he does not put his hand in his Speedo, but he pulls it down and exposes his very long penis in a close shot full in the face of the viewer,” said the BCCSA in the judgment.

MultiChoice was recently found to be in breach of incorrect age restriction classification, also by the BCCSA, after complaints regarding the screening of mafia themed programming on the National Geographic Channel during the day.

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