Nearly 61% of IT security professionals worldwide fear the day when the Anonymous Hacker group will strike their networks. The group also believe that the hacktivists will strike their networks in the next six months.

The IT professionals also fear state sponsored hacks from China and Russia more than anything else with 55% fearing China while 48% fear and see an imminent attack from Russia.  In the survey done by Bit9, only 28% suspect that “disgruntled employees” might target their companies.

Harry Sverdlove, Chief Technology Officer of Bit9 said:

“The survey results put a spotlight on an interesting contradiction: on the surface, people are most afraid of embarrassing, highly publicized attacks from hacktivist organizations like Anonymous, but they recognize that the more serious threats come from criminal organizations and nation states.”

The Bit9 2012 Cyber Security Survey of 1,861 IT professionals was done to “gauge the current state of enterprise security and identify the attack methods and cyber-crimal groups that keep IT executives up at night.”

Download the report from or view the infographic here

The positive thing from the survey is the fact that 58 percent say that companies that put into place  “best practices and better security policies are in the best position to improve enterprise security, and 19 percent believe individual employees play an  important role in improving the state of security.

The worst thing is that only 7% trust government efforts to curb cyber attacks.