Air travellers in South Africa might soon start to enjoy in-flight internet. South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) (CAA) has approved an application by ISPs, WirelessG and Row 44, to install Wi-Fi equipment in commercial aircraft in SA.

The approval granted in October 2011 paves the way a May 2012 launch. WirelessG indicated that people should expect to pay less for in-flight Wi-Fi as opposed to the 3G data accessed elsewhere.

The company believes that it would work best if travellers are given capped data and not charged per MB as is common in South Africa. The company has further revealed that it might be selling the WirelessG/G-Connect Wi-Fi vouchers for around Ksh 500 to Ksh 1000 each.

Already South African commercial airline, Mango, has shown interest and will be the first to launch the service before uptake by other airlines in the future.

The company highlighted th

WirelessG will be using Row 44’s technology to deliver broadband access on the commercial aircrafts. The company has also partnered with Vodacom to provide the needed satellite services for in-flight connectivity.